“Girl, That Ain’t Your Real Face” Leads The Daily Links

Plus the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back and there’s a trailer, Taco Bell breakfast is here, and 16 dresses that are NEVER appropriate wedding-wear.

College Candy

10 incredible makeup contour transformations, or, as the author elegantly sums it up: “Girl, that ain’t your real face.” - [College Candy]

USA Today

A whistleblower is claiming that UNC student-athletes could pass a class with a single paper — this 148-word paper that earned an A- is AMAZING, people. - [USA Today]


Watch the first trailer for Michael Bay’s new “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and try to just, um, be cool about the way the turtles look. - [Variety]


Want to get your heart racing without any exercise whatsoever? Watch this video of a construction worker trapped on the edge of a burning building. - [DEVOUR]


Sure, most of the things about these stories are bleak and nightmarish, but still. Here are 10 dystopias we might actually want to live in. - [Esquire]


EXTREME SPORTS: Watch a kayaker take a world record–sized plunge off a waterfall! - [Maxim]

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