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23 Fauxhawks We've Loved And Sometimes Lost

Celebrity fauxhawks ranked from best to worst.

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We can all agree that a fauxhawk is at least worth a try — you have to switch things up every once in a while. But not all hawks are created equal.

Considered to be "sort of a poseur move" in its early days, this hairstyle has persevered to reside atop SO MANY HOT DUDES' HEADS. (And some badass ladies', too.) Some fauxhawks increase hawtness, and some should really be kept to the flash-in-the-pan moment of style bravery that they are.


2. Miley Cyrus

Oh, Smiley. Everyone was all aflutter when you cut your hair and ... simultaneously did thousands of other things that proved you'd outgrown your Disney days. But your hawk was the right move — goodbye country-girl looks, presto change-o.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: 95% (Bonus percentage points due to the extreme rebelliousness of the new 'do.)

3. Adam Levine

OMG, HEY, ADAM LEVINE!!! I'm surprised to see you, too! Kidding — your face is always on my mind.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: 95%

4. Robyn

Robyn, you rock short hair in every 'do there is. But the hawk makes you look unapologetically fresh and fierce.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: 85%

5. Pink

Pink: a muscular, sporty babe. Your pink fauxhawk is a little bit punk, a little bit girly, and overall awesome. Just like you.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: 80%

6. Tom Brady

Tom Brady, there's nary a pic where you look bad. Incredibly, it's turned out that you are actually capable of becoming better looking. You've really upped your style ante over the years.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: 75%


7. David Beckham

David Beckham, you are a fine-looking gent no matter what you do to your hair. But the fauxhawk suits you, and your sons seem to think it's the coolest 'do, too. Or they just think that you're the coolest. Either way, you definitely rock the hawk the way it was meant to be rocked.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: 75%

8. Zac Efron

You've been open about the changes you've made to your life since your High School Musical days, and your shaggy 'do suited you before, but you've wisely switched up your look, too.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: 65%

9. Julianne Hough

Not every beauty can pull off such a severe look, but Julianne Hough manages to hit just the right note of refined chic here.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: 60%

10. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson, disheveled has been your go-to look, and we'll admit, it works for you. Disheveling your coiffure into a fauxhawk adds to your air of mystery and mischief, which is a definite win.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: 55%

11. Diddy

Diddy, you are looking like a serious dude with both of these styles. The fade into a mini-hawk definitely works for you, though—you're a stylish, modern guy, and you're not afraid to show off a range of looks.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: 40%


12. Taylor Lautner

Sharp styles work for you, just like your piercing gaze into the distance works for us. The fauxhawk is your default choice of 'do, but we think switching it up from time to time is good, too.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: 35%

13. Rihanna

These next few celebs are tricky, starting with you, RiRi. You rock a mean fauxhawk, but you make sure to keep your looks different and fresh. You're a hair chameleon. We cannot rate you on our scale because your looks tend to be equally amazing and hawt.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: N/A

14. Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor, is that you?? We'll admit, it took us a second to realize it, but losing the fauxhawk and growing out your hair and beard just made you a completely new kind of hot. We cannot rate these hawtnesses against one another; it defies logic.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: N/A

15. Tilda Swinton

THIS IS AN AMAZING HAWK. But you are a fierce lifeforce at all times, Tilda, and we will not compare your otherworldly beauty in its different forms.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: N/A

16. Lupita Nyong'o

We've yet to come across a pic of you looking less than perfect, Lupita. It's a complete wash — you can do whatever you'd like to your hair, and you'll still be a dime every time.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: N/A


17. Marc Jacobs

You're an icon, Marc Jacobs, perfectly groomed and styled to match your vision for yourself everywhere you go. Fauxhawk or no hawk, we cannot dare to judge a master.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: N/A

18. Eva Marcille

You might have the most magnetic eyes in the universe, Eva, but your fauxhawk doesn't outdo your long locks. Luckily, your face is perfect, so it basically doesn't matter what you do to your hair.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: -5%

19. Kesha

Well ... you've experimented plenty, Kesha, but your recent look is honestly our fave. Everyone gets props for daring to dream, though!

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: -10%

20. Justin Bieber

There is no arguing that your looks are well-loved, Biebs. You could keep it simple and stick with what works, but you're a trendsetter. Everyone loved your old style, too! We cannot rate your hotness at this time because you are a child in at least one of these pics, which is not hawt.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: N/A

21 & 22. Niall Horan And Zayn Malik

Oh, hey guys! No one on the face of the planet is going to argue that you know what you're doing, and can manage your own choice to hawk or not to hawk. People literally cry tears of joy when they see you, so carry on as you wish. Also: just as we said above, we are unable to rate your hotness at this time because you are children in the early pics, which is not hawt.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: N/A

23. Cameron Diaz

OMG, this fauxhawk is def legendary, Cameron. We're going to call this a wash, too – your fauxhawk does make you stand out and keeps the flyaways out of your beautiful eyes, but your other look is sophisticated and glam.

Hawk-Hawtness Increase: N/A

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