Ranking 25 Years Of Oscars Hosts Leads The Daily Links

Plus a device that translates your dog’s thoughts into human words, guess the celeb from their throwback pic, and ‘Batman Vs. Terminator.’

Not even Billy Crystal can be as good as Billy Crystal all the time: 25 years of Oscar hosts ranked. - [Flavorwire]

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And you thought your drunk text this weekend was bad? One tweet can make or break a showbiz career. - [Variety]

A new device could translate canine thoughts into human language. Do you think you can handle what your dog REALLY thinks about you?? - [BetaBeat]

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Even heavily scrutinized celebs find ways to embrace their looks: 16 powerful quotes about body image and eating disorders. - [Crushable]

Via bit.ly

Prisoners believe themselves more moral and trustworthy than the average citizen—or at least that’s what they say they believe. - [Death and Taxes]

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