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The Definitive Ranking Of Songs From Ariana Grande's New Album

The 21 year old little diva released her latest album (apparently she has more?) "My Everything" last week, and in the wise words of Taylor Swift; haters gunna hate hate hate hate but the sassy mariah 2.0 has an unreal voice, thus pretty damn good CD.

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fun fact: Ariana co-wrote a whole total of *two* songs for the album.. with the rest of the team generally being ghost writers. but i mean who is really surprised

15. Intro

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Most albums start of with those weird 1 minute intros (unsure why but do you) Ariana's album does the same with an 80 second humming like song that will slightly make you question why you are listening to her in the first place. She had a hand in writing this one and its probably why they got her a team

14. Hands On Me. ft A$AP Ferg

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tbh very unsure how i feel about this song.. slightly uncomfortable. it reminds me of the weird music you would dirty grind too at those grade 8 rec center dances. why does 25 year old ferg want to put his hands all over her? why is she so down? although technically it not illegal.. just ugh no. lord help us if they release a music video

13. Only 1

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honestly, not my favourite, but its not the worst in the world. technically havent listened to the whole song so i guess that says a lot (sorry Ari)

12. You Dont Know Me

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pretty decent beat and kind of catchy i guess. if you look up the lyrics, im pretty sure shes chirping mariah carey and one of her exes, so that gets bonus points for being entertaining

11. My Everything

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just close your eyes and reach for the heavens that is Arianas soothing voice. finally the album is getting better

10. Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart

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this one is pretty turnt down but ~emotional~. grab a tissue

9. Break Your Heart Right Back. ft Childish Gambino

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the chorus is super catchy. reminds me of maid in manhattan (if you dont know what im talking about just leave now..) again, not her worst, but mostly because of CG wrote it

8. Best Mistake. ft Big Sean

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its cute because they're dating I R L. the beat is dope. Big Seans verse makes the song. this will definetly get stuck in your head for a minute or three

7. Why Try

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damn gurl you hit those notes. mariah who?

6. One Last Time

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seriously one of my favourite songs off the album. its written by David Guetta and is verrry catchy. defsss a real toe tapper

5. Be My Baby. ft Cashmere Cat

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this one will get ya movin and groovin for suree. infact, if it doesnt, you should probably see a doctor

4. Problems. ft Iggy Azalea

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okay, i hate to admit it, but if you dont want to jump up and sing/dance to this song i am questioning your life.

-although the video is quite awkward. dont stare into her Arianas eyes or she'll take your soul

3. Love Me Harder. ft The Weekend

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cause Ari and the weekend are a perfect match. the only person who has a better voice than her right now may be Abel Tesfaye, so its hellaa catchy.

~love me love me love me lovee mee oo00oou harder harder harder~ ...dont lie. tell me its not stuck in your head now

2. Break Free. ft Zedd

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haters gun' hate but you cant tell me when this plays you dont turn up. (a lot). (maybe too much?).

the beat, the video (dat a$$. amirite?), and even the lyrics are just great.

turn it up on full blast and just belt it all out and garunteed you'll be feeling 'shake it off' level pumped up after.

1. Bang Bang. with Jessie J ft Nicki minaj

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~she might have let you hold her hand in school but imma show you how to graduaAaAate~~

no explaination needed. Nicki, Jessie, and Ari (if you test them you sorry) are perfect.

if you even have to question this, just leave right now because your opinion doesnt even matter. this is obviously one of the best song of the summer. currently #4 on the billboards hot 100, with over 32 million views on youtube and almost 2 million sales combined.

technically its not Arianas but its still the best song. sadly its only available on the bonus album, but its definetly worth the $1.99 or potential jail time for the illegal download (because who got time to buy album anymore?)

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