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18 Signs You Went To FPC/FPU

Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States and widely regarded as one of the worst Presidents in American history, has an institution of higher education named after him in southwestern New Hampshire. As the alma mater goes, "we remember well"... or do we? Take this stroll down memory lane.

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5. You have told a freshman that the school motto "Ex umbris ad lucem" really means "there is nothing left to do but get drunk".


Franklin Pierce was quoted by his chief aide after he was not renominated by his own party after only one term as president, "there is nothing left to do but get drunk."


8. Temple Grandin is our most famous alumni.


If you watched the documentary of her, you would see that she went to school in SW New Hampshire. Sadly, Pierce was poorly depicted in the movie. Pierce's roads weren't paved until the mid-90s.

11. Your friends don't understand how there are no real bars near campus and how you have to make your own entertainment.


15. If you are a history or political science major, you desperately hate the business and sports management majors.


1 hour, no book, competency examination on the past four years your education. Anything is game.

16. If you are a business or sports management major, you don't understand why the history and political science majors hate you.


You have a 20 question, multiple choice examination to graduate. Now you have your answer.

18. After you graduate in an assload of debt, you still long for the good old days of raging in Lakeview with a 30 of stones and/or waking up to this view.

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