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    Watch Ariana Grande Use Her Missile Boobs To Defeat An Evil Robot

    The music video for "Break Free" is out and it's almost as weird as the song itself.

    In the new video for her Zedd-produced single “Break Free,” Ariana Grande takes a break from slaying the pop charts with her multi-octave vocal range to spend some time slaying evil robots with her missile boobs.

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    Yes, you read correctly: Missile boobs!

    ArianaGrandeVEVO / Via

    She also lounges around in zero gravity sans spacesuit.

    ArianaGrandeVEVO / Via

    And applies some lightsaber-colored lipstick.

    ArianaGrandeVEVO / Via

    That sound? It's your faves being destroyed by the galaxy's one true guardian.

    ArianaGrandeVEVO / Via
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