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    Leighton Meester Ushers In Fall With A Dreamy New Single

    It's sweater weather in song form.

    Five years after releasing her first single, Leighton Meester has finally blessed us with news of her debut album, Heartstrings out October 28.

    The CW

    The lead single, also titled "Heartstrings," is a dreamy bit of acoustic pop that'll make you forget all about time she released a song with Robin Thicke.

    Low-key and a little melancholy, "Heartstrings" is the perfect song for cold autumn nights.

    While the song's singer-songwriter vibe may come as a surprise to fans who remember her GaGa-lite dance singles, her Joni Mitchell makeover has been underway since 2010 when She began writing and performing with the band Check in the Dark.

    Leighton has been performing many of the songs on Heartstrings, including the title track, live for years.

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    jewelsham / Via

    Here she is singing "Heartstrings" at the Troubadour all the way back in June 2011.

    Blair Waldorf is back, bitches.

    The CW / Via
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