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How To Throw An Amy Poehler-Approved Slumber Party

Drink, dance and discuss the harmful effects of biased news media!

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Too old to attend Amy Poehler's Smart Girls Summer Camp? Don't despair! She's created a slumber-party guide for grown-up Smart Girls like you.

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Step 1: Keep an open mind about about the guest list.

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Smart Girls aren't mean girls! If you're gonna throw an Amy Poehler-approved slumber party, you need to expand your inner circle. Try inviting someone you'd like to know better! You never know, "you may end up with a new Smartie for your posse."

Step 2: Be adventurous with your snack options.


Waffles are great but why not try something new? Amy recommends mini Pavlovas. Originally developed in New Zealand to honor the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, this meringue-based dessert is easy to make and perfect for a slumber party.

Step 3: Turn your snack into a delicious cocktail.

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Amy's got a great tip for Smart Girls twenty-one and over: mini Pavlovas can be turned into a fruity cocktail! Just blend together some Pavlova, strawberries, kiwi, gin and ice.

Step 4: Remember that girl talk doesn't mean gossip.

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Talk trash about the media, not each other! Tell everyone to bring a news story to analyze and work together to identify news bias and inaccurate reporting. Improving your media literacy is way cooler than spreading rumors.

Step 5: Don't be afraid to ask each other difficult questions.

Sloth, right? Always answer sloth.
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Sloth, right? Always answer sloth.

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Step 6: Get down to some kick-ass feminist jams.

Crank these Amy Poehler-approved tunes and let loose with your girls!

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Step 7: Change the world.

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls / Via

After your slumber party, Amy wants you to take all that positive energy and put it back into the world. Raise awareness for a cause you care about! Volunteer with your friends! Share your passions! Remember: Smart Girls change the world by being themselves.

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