17 Reasons Lauren Conrad Is The World’s Most Pinteresting Person

While you’re at home pinning it, she’s out there living it.

17. She’s a girlie-girl who’s not afraid to get down and dirty to do it herself.

16. She knows how to make the perfect flower crown.

15. Her braid game is on point.

14. She likes to day-drink fancy cocktails out of mason jars.

13. Top knots? Check. Whimsical tiny hats? Check.

12. She is resourceful with flower petals.

HarperTeen / Via youtube.com

11. She’s got a healthy sense of nostalgia.

10. She loves Starbucks and knows how to use a steamer.

HarperTeen / Via youtube.com

I bet the baristas don’t even get her name wrong.

9. She knows vintage books make for dreamy Instagram props.

8. She loves herself a good theme party.

7. She’s equally interested in nail art and bespoke textiles.

HarperTeen / Via youtube.com

Don’t act like you’re not jealous of her skills.

6. Nobody in this world loves sparklers more than she does.

5. She dressed her dogs up like Christmas elves.

4. She’s the queen of the cat-eye.

3. Her affection for organic berries and hand-painted ceramics is well-documented.

2. She knows no party is complete without festive strips of fabric hanging over it.

1. She’s served cheese on a chalkboard. Cheese on a chalkboard.

u look haute / Via youtu.be

It’s cute but is it sanitary?!

By all means, keep pinning but know that you’ll never dethrone the queen.

HarperTeen / Via youtube.com

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