19 Things You Need To Know About Tori Kelly

    The rising pop star dishes on songwriting, her new single, and the time she made Sam Smith cry.

    1. What's something ~nobody knows~ about your single "Nobody Love"?

    2. What did you learn from being a competitor on Star Search, America's Most Talented Kids, and American Idol?

    3. You opened for Sam Smith! What was the most memorable moment of that tour?

    4. What's something ~nobody knows~ about your friend Ed Sheeran?

    5. Who is your dream duet?

    6. What's the story behind the "Sun Is Out" Vine; did you expect it to become so popular?

    7. What's your most used hashtag?

    8. What's your favorite song to cover?

    9. What's the most exciting thing about finally releasing a full-length album?

    10. You wrote "Nobody Love" with legendary songwriter Max Martin, was that nerve-racking?

    11. What's more fun to write: love songs or kiss-offs?

    12. What was it like recording “Winter Wonderland / Don’t Worry Be Happy” with the Pentatonix — are they naughty or nice?

    13. What's your favorite food?

    14. What's your favorite emoji?

    15. You’re known for your trademark curls — any pro-tips for curly girls?

    16. What's your biggest fear?

    17. What's your favorite word?

    18. What do the Bible verses cited in your Twitter and Vine bios mean to you?

    19. What can fans expect from the "Nobody Love" music video?