Watch Lady Gaga's Heartbreaking New Music Video About Campus Rape

The pop star takes a stand against sexual assault with her new single, "Til It Happens To You."

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The result — a gut-wrenching ballad about grief and survival titled "Til It Happens To You" — was featured in the film's end credits.


Told from the point of view of a rape victim, the song was partially inspired by Lady Gaga's own experiences with rape.

Now the song is the soundtrack to a heartbreaking PSA about campus rape — which, warning, contains graphic depictions of sexual violence that may be triggering for some viewers.

On Thursday night, Lady Gaga told fans on Twitter that she hopes the video will help survivors "all over the world" find peace.

.@diane_warren & I made "Til It Happens To You" for people all over the world who suffer from painful life experiences. #TheHuntingGround

We hope u feel our love&solidarity through the song & perhaps find some peace in knowing u r not alone through this film #TilItHappensToYou

WATCH #TilItHappensToYou PSA: A portion of proceeds from sales of the song will be donated to orgs helping survivors.

Watch the gut-wrenching "Til It Happens To You" video in full now.

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