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Kesha Sings About Her Struggles In Instagram Clip

"Stay young, wild one / I know your heart has been through it all"

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Save the occasional inspirational tweet, Kesha has largely remained silent about the lawsuit she filed against producer Dr. Luke back in October.

Getty Images / Michael Kovac

In it she accused her longtime collaborator of sexual and emotional abuse, claiming that Dr. Luke made her use drugs, insulted her physical appearance and forced himself on her for years. Dr. Luke has repeatedly denied these allegations and filed a countersuit insisting that Kesha has made up the abuse in an effort to get out of her recording contract.

In a recently uploaded Instagram clip, however, the singer gives fans a little insight into her current state, as well as taste of some new music.

Sounding nothing like her party-rap persona, the pop star somberly sings herself some words of encouragement.

"Tik Tok" it is not.

In the caption, Kesha assured fans that she “will release new music as soon as [she] possibly can" but it remains unclear exactly how soon that will actually be.

The singer is still signed to Dr. Luke's record label Kemosabe Records and Luke has been clear that, even though their professional relationship is toast, he will not be releasing her from her contract any time soon.