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Echosmith's Opinion On 23 Random Things

The Sierota siblings share their thoughts on everything from Twitter to Taylor Swift.

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Meet Echosmith, aka the Sierota siblings. The family band first made a splash two years ago when they released their outcast anthem "Cool Kids" and have been going strong ever since. Their latest single, "Let's Love," is yet another indie-pop gem, complete with sugary synths and a big, singalong chorus. We caught up with family band recently when they stopped by the BuzzFeed offices in New York to play a game of word association. Here's what Echosmith think about 23 completely random things.

4. Music Festivals

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

Jamie: In Norway we got to meet Elton John and see him play side-stage.

Sydney: And we got to take selfies with him! Not with a selfie stick, but with a normal hand.

Echosmith's album Talking Dreams is available on iTunes now.

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