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This Is How You Should Blend Your Hair With Different Weaves

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BuzzFeed spoke with celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert Kim Kimble to get tips on the best way to blend your hair with different curl patterns. Here's what she said:

Leave out as little hair as possible.

The amount you leave out depends on the thickness of your hair. Kim says "the leave-out for thick hair would be about an inch and a half wide. The thinner it is, the more you would have to leave out – about three to four inches."

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Straight hair extensions are best for women with relaxed hair so there is less maintenance for blending. For any hair, Kim says you should care for it just as you would your own hair. "Our hair can act real strange. The weather can make it change texture."

If your hair is in its natural curl pattern, you can straighten your hair and wrap it. Kim, whose natural hair is very curly, usually opts for a closure piece when wearing straight hair.

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You can use a curling iron to blend your hair, but it may fall throughout the day. Kim suggests using the interlock weave technique as a great way to blend both textures. By twisting your leave-out with the extension hair, you can make sure the patterns match. To maintain the blending at night, you can twist the hair and set it in a bun. The technique works whether you have relaxed hair or a natural hair pattern.

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Depending on the tightness of the curl, Kim suggests setting the hair with setting lotion and perm rods or curlers. "Silk bonnets are good for loosening curls if it's too tight. You can set them every night if you're not using a setting lotion," Kim says. Otherwise, your curls will last longer with some product in them.

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Rod sets are best for matching coily hair extensions because they tighten the hair to match. For those with natural hair, these are the best hair extensions to use to easily blend your hair. You can still make sure your edges are laid with edge control. Kim says, "Any edge control that doesn’t show up white [will work]. And use curl products with no alcohol in it or it will frizz up." Essentially, you want to treat your extension hair like your own and include the leave-out for the best blending.