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17 Times Black Tumblr Spoke The Truth About Race

The lessons are in the reblogs.

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1. When celebrating this important work moment:

2. When making this double-check:

3. When dealing with this incredibly questionable comparison:

4. When doing this slick read:


5. When addressing those derailing conversations about police brutality:

6. When giving this etymology lesson:

7. When calling out Hollywood casting:

8. When cataloging inappropriate hair touching:


9. When seeing the realness in this Rocket Power scene:

10. When making this point:

11. When spitting these bars:

12. When clocking respectability politics:


13. When bringing this to Tumblr staff's attention:

14. When dealing with reactions like this:

15. When addressing the difference between books and real life:

16. When delivering this brief on solidarity:

17. When perfectly understanding this struggle: