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    11 Things You Need To Know About Beyoncé's Flash Tattoos

    It's only good in theory to put one on your finger.

    Last month, Beyoncé announced her line of flash tattoos, which she designed with the company Flash Tattoos.

    1. The packaging is very much in the self-titled visual album vein.

    Kelcie Willis / BuzzFeed
    Kelcie Willis / BuzzFeed

    Peep the font for Queen Bey's name.

    2. For 28 dollars you get 57 tattoos total on five sheets.

    3. According to Flash Tattoos, the tats should last four to six days.

    4. They go on easily – a lot like any other temporary tattoo.

    5. But if you put one on your finger, don't expect it to last as long.

    Kelcie Willis / BuzzFeed

    Day 1

    Day 3

    On day one, it started out perfect. It was pretty, cute, and it fit nicely on my ring finger. Not an hour later, the "E" decided it wanted out, and somewhere between washing my hands and just living, the entire word "in" was like, "LOL bye sis!" It went from "Crazy In Love," to "Crazy Lov," to "Craz Lo," to "C" by day three. 😐 It was fun while it lasted.

    6. Because these are, in fact, Beyoncé flash tattoos, there's at least eight different bee tattoos in the pack.

    Pedro Fequiere / BuzzFeed

    This one held up the best. Minus a little gap in one of the bee's stripes, it still looks perfect on day three. 🐝

    7. Keeping with the BeyHive theme, there are also honeycomb medallions...

    8. ...and honeycomb cuffs.

    9. You can mix and match tattoos to make pieces that are big...

    10. ...and small.

    Pedro Fequiere / BuzzFeed

    I'm not one for huge tattoo combos. I played with mixing and matching for a forearm design, and it was *perfection.* Minus some flaking from the top tattoo, this one has been doing pretty well by day three.

    11. You can get your own set of Beyoncé X Flash Tattoos here.