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17 Things People From Atlanta Don't Want To Hear Again

We're more than just Coca-Cola and civil rights museums.

1. "OH! So you're from HOTLANTA!"


We don't call it that...

2. "...But you're not really from Atlanta."

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You don't really know where Lithonia is, so as far as you're concerned I am from Atlanta.

3. "Atlanta isn't really the south compared to [some other southern city]."

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So Dahlonega is southern, Macon is southern, but let's skip over Atlanta cause it's not southern?!

4. "You guys don't have a real winter down here."

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Temperatures below 50 degrees are winter and that's just fine.

5. "What do you do for fun?"

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Go to restaurants, movies, amusement parks — what do y'all do where you come from?

6. "Do you guys have _______ down here?"

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Atlanta isn't some middle-of-nowhere town. If we don't have it there's something like it.

7. "Atlanta is full of transplants."


Yeah, but some of us are still born and bred. Plus, isn't that how cities work?

8. "Atlanta is the Hollywood of the south."

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We're our own entity – thanks tho.

9. "Every street here is Peachtree Street."

10. "There's a bunch of black people there!"

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11. "Did you go to the Olympics?!"

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12. "The traffic is horrible."



13. "MARTA is bad public transportation."


Well, it only goes in four directions, so obviously.

14. "All your sports teams suck!"

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We never would have known if you didn't share!

15. "The whole city shuts down when it snows – you guys can't even handle a little bit of it!"

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LOL it doesn't snow here often – do you think we have snow plows lying around?

16. "Does everyone act like they do on The Real Housewives of Atlanta?"

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Does everyone up north act like they're in the cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey?!

17. "Is it like the movie ATL?!"

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Is this some kind of a joke?