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    21 Delicious Foods From Barbados Everyone Should Know And Love

    Bread and two for life.

    1. Cou cou

    2. Flying fish

    3. Rice and peas

    4. Salt bread

    5. Cutters

    6. Fish cakes

    7. Macaroni pie

    8. Pudding and souse

    9. Conkies

    10. Breadfruit

    What it is: This may be a strange looking fruit, but it's a very nutritious, starchy one. Breadfruit is plentiful around the island – there are trees on almost every corner. They're often served as a side to steamed fish.

    Why you should try it: Whether it's boiled, baked, crushed or made into chips, breadfruit can be transformed in a number of ways – all ones you should try.

    Get a recipe here.

    11. Rum punch

    12. Sweet bread

    13. Bajan black cake

    14. Pepperpot

    15. Bakes

    16. Sea eggs

    What it is: A species of sea urchin, sea eggs (also referred to as “white sea eggs”) are plucked right from the ocean floor. They can be eaten raw, but most folks fry or stew it. It's an acquired taste.

    Why you should try it: It's a very unique dish that'll expand your palate.

    Get a recipe here.

    17. Jug jug

    18. Cassava pone

    19. Mauby drink

    20. Guava cheese

    21. Chicken curry