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    17 People You’ll Always See At A Black Church On Sunday

    Turn to your neighbor and say, "NEIGHBOR!..."

    1. Older women who are dressed in their Sunday best.

    2. The choir director who's REALLY into every song.

    3. And the drummer that's always FEELING THE PRAISE.

    4. That one person that gets the Holy Ghost EVERY WEEK.

    5. Adults waving one of these around:

    6. The person in the choir who drags out the praise session…

    7. …and the pastor and congregation who keeps egging it on.

    8. That one person whose testimony takes way too long and shares way too much information.

    9. That one person who always yells “PREACH!” as the pastor gives his sermon…

    10. ...which prompts the pastor to drag out said sermon.

    11. The soloist who says their voice is “a little hoarse” before breaking out into song.

    12. That one person who's clapping on the down beat during worship.

    13. The usher who's a little too into their job.

    14. The people who awkwardly stand up then sit right back down after the pastor asks for any new folks to stand up.

    15. Someone's kid who's acting up.

    16. The pastor who invites people to the altar after saying, “The doors of the church are open.”

    17. And the person who sneaks out the door before the service is over.