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12 Ridiculously Expensive Toys You Won't Believe Exist

From wagons to whips, this escalates quickly.

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11. This $8,845 dollhouse playset.

Etsy / Imagine THAT! Playhouses / Via

But it's not just any playset. It's a playhouse with a swing set, slide, and rock wall because kids need recreation, not just a place to play house, obviously – but not for almost $9K. You can get a similar one for almost 90% less.

12. And this $50,000 Mediterranean Villa Playhouse.

PoshTots / Via

Not to mention this thing can be customized to include cable, water, electricity, A/C and marble, or Mexican tile. You're basically moving your kids to a new house in the backyard. That's a little extreme, don't you think? All they did was love you. Put them up in this $130 cottage for playtime and let them stay with you in the house.