We Let Kids Give Us Fake Haircuts And Thank God It Wasn't Permanent

    Do not try this at home.

    Most kids are guilty of giving either themselves or an unfortunate younger sibling a bad haircut. So we figured why not let a couple kids live out their hairdressing dreams and try their hand at cutting our hair. Well, our wigs — we're not insane.

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    Most of our mini participants had some experience messin' up their own hair.

    Right off the bat, the kids went into profesh mode and made small talk with their clients.

    Then, they started to get a little snip-happy.

    Turns out, amateur haircuts will cost ya an arm and a leg!

    And how did our lucky clients turn out?!

    Jen finally got the alternative edge she was looking for.

    Safiya was working some T. Swift meets Sia vibes.

    Kristin got not only a haircut, but also a new hair-shirt!!

    And Candace? Well...she was really something.