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PENIS CYBERNÉTIQUE, MENSTRUATION MACHINE..Sputniko! - Crazy But Highly Conceptual Artist

Cool & controversial works by Sputuniko!, an aritist/MIT Media Assistant Professor.

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This project started with her curiosity "What does it feel like to have an extra body part (in this case - penis) which reacts to my emotions?" . Working' motorised penis which moves up or down based on a heart rate was built, worn and tested for 2 weeks.

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Her simple question "It’s 2010, so why are humans still menstruating?" led her to make this music video where boy character Takashi invents The Menstruation Machine - fitted with a blood dispensing mechanism and electrodes simulating the lower abdomen - and wears it. This video is created to open discussion about what menstruation means in this society.

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"There seems to be many examples of beautiful and young looking girl-robots enthusiastically developed by the world’s top robotic scientists (see videos on the right) but what if the designed intelligent machines are not too happy with the way people designed them? "

She came upon with the idea of a cyborg which is struggling with her role as a sex object and develops her body into a weapon so she can kill her owner and escape from the place...

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Who is Sputniko! ?


Sputniko! is a designer/artist who designs products, devices, music and film exploring technology’s impact on everyday life to imagine and speculate on alternative futures.

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She currently works at MIT Media Lab as an assistant professor.

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