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    • kefy77

      Anyone who feels Romney is vindicated is just plain..well dumb. We always knew Russia was not some great partner for the US, and will continue being a heavy influence in world politics (they are a member nation of the UN with veto power, have lots of natural resources, a large army and nuclear arsenal) But Romney was trying to rekindle a cold war. What is going on now with Snowden is a drop in the bucket and proves nothing right about Romney’s cold war view.  On the economy, we have gridlock in the house and a republican party that is causing financial uncertainty every couple of months by threatening to shut down the government and default on our bills. Detroit went bankrupt, not the auto companies. In fact, GM is doing very well. Cars have not been built in Detroit in ages. Detroit was destined for bankruptcy! You can’t lose more than half your residents and stay afloat. The truth is that the suburbs of Detroit are doing fantastically, and even Detroit itself is actually doing well, there is just too much debt that cannot be repaid back.  Syria has been in civil war for two years already, from even before the election in question.  Sorry folks, Romney was right about shit.

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