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"Game Of Thrones" Season 2 Recapped In Gifs

There's only one episode left, so here's some of what's happened so far. Beware: spoilers and decapitations ahead.

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Previously on Game of Thrones...

Bran started having wolf dreams.

Theon turned out to be a huge dick.

Stannis started tampering in dark sided stuff.

Renly became really likeable...

...and was immediately killed off.

Arya remained the best character.

Gendry lost his shirt somewhere.

Lady Stark made a friend.

Joffrey somehow became an even bigger asshole...

...but got hit with some poop.

Robb and Jon both found nice girlfriends.

Tyrion kept his imp hand strong.

Even Cersei got in on the action.

Sansa pouted a bunch.

The Hound totally redeemed himself.

Daenerys got some dragons...

...and then lost them.

This happened...

And Jon found a mysterious object beyond the Wall.

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