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    21 Reasons To Never Have Kids

    Aren't kids the worst? If you think otherwise, this will change your mind.

    1. They're rude.

    2. They fart.

    3. They think the floor is their dinner plate.

    4. They're weak.

    5. They want stupid things.

    6. They make you go to Chuck E. Cheese's.

    7. They're poop factories.

    8. Half of them are allergic to peanuts...

    ...and this has no place in your pantry.

    9. They use inappropriate canvasses.

    10. They only have XBox.

    11. You can't order a prostitute without worrying one of them will show up.

    12. They go and get kidnapped.

    13. They smell.

    14. They're bad for the soul.

    15. They block the sidewalk.

    16. They can't hold wine without spilling it.

    17. They make you do crazy things.

    18. They need their own shampoo.

    19. They cry over everything.

    20. They're terrible gift givers.

    21. They make you love this.

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