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(4)20 Things You'll Look At For Way Too Long Today

If you're celebrating the holiday, that is. Hopefully you're not supposed to be doing anything right now.

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1. Optical Illusions

If you're unfamiliar with this one, you can make her spin both ways -- with your mind!

2. The Mirror

3. Your Soul

4. Fractals

5. The Ceiling

6. The Inside of Your Sunglasses

7. Your iTunes Visualizer

8. Your Dog

9. Your Oven

10. Your Dog Staring at Your Oven

11. This Menu

12. Intellectually Stimulating Television

13. The Direction Of That Sound You Think Might Be The Cops

14. Your Video Game Collection

So hard to choose.

So hard to choose.

15. This Picture

16. The View

17. That Text That You'll Forget To Respond To

18. The Forehead Of An Authority Figure As You Attempt to Avoid Eye Contact

19. Cats with Ties

20. This Meme

See more of these here.

See more of these here.

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