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    20 Things You Probably Shouldn't Fix With Duct Tape

    Duct tape can be a really good tool for quick home repairs. Here are some things that require a little more attention.

    1. Street Cracks

    2. Bridges

    3. The Hoover Dam

    4. Your Car

    5. Your Cleavage

    6. A Canoe

    7. An Airplane

    8. A Cheeseburger

    9. Your Hairstyle

    10. Your Bike

    11. An ATM

    12. Your Toilet

    13. Traffic Lights

    14. Tires

    15. A Tree

    16. Ladders

    17. Heart Break

    18. A Refrigerator

    19. Your Mailbox

    20. Your Wardrobe

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