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15 Small Victories That Will Improve Your Day

Sometimes big things come in small packages. And sometimes these things happen.

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1. When your yogurt lid is totally clean.

2. When you pull this out of the dryer.

3. When you get the first dip into the butter.

4. When you run out of frosting and cookies at the same time.

5. When this pops.

6. When the screensaver hits the corner.

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7. When you beat solitaire.

8. When your house isn't haunted.

9. When you win the Starburst jackpot.

10. When you start a new tube of ChapStick.

11. When you successfully pick out all the non-marshmallows.

12. When you stop right on the dollar.

13. When you finally fill up one of these.

14. When your cereal prize rules.

15. When you change the channel before she breaks your heart.

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