Why We Need To Let Go Of "Let It Go"

Let us go, Elsa. LET US GO.

1. Elsa, you’re perfect and wonderful.

2. Somehow, you’ve made a dress the color of an Ice Breakers tin STUNNING.



3. Side braids have gone up 1000% in hotness because of you.

4. And most importantly, you gave us the gift of the GREATEST SONG EVER WRITTEN EVER.

5. And EVERYONE is singing it. Even if we don’t know the words.

6. But girl, this is getting out of hand.

The song #LetItGo from #Frozen is amazing. But the irony is once you hear it, your mind literally cannot let it go. It's in there. Forever.

— daddyfiles (@DaddyFiles)

7. Elsa, you have to let us go.

Disney / Via youtube.com / Keely Flaherty

8. In all the languages.

Disney / Via video.disney.com / Keely Flaherty

9. People are starting to get hurt.

10. Things are getting political here, Elsa.

Finally saw Frozen. It was literally magical. My heart is full from that movie. Also, Elsa's gay. #LetItGo

— World of Tilt (@worldoftilt)

11. Everyone is too busy singing your song to do their job.

Via youtube.com / Keely Flaherty


12. No one’s getting any work done.

I have become that gay that has Frozen songs on repeat in his office. #stillsad #LetItGo

— Justin Twardy (@jetwardy)

13. The traffic reporter is singing instead of doing his job because of your wonderful, amazing curse of a song, Elsa.

Via youtube.com / Keely Flaherty

14. People are forgetting who they really are.

Yeah, that's me. In the dad-mobile. Minus toddler. Belting the Frozen soundtrack. #LetItGo

— Chad Gomez Creasey (@chadgcreasey)

15. Middle Earth is getting involved, AND MIDDLE EARTH ISN’T EVEN REAL, ELSA.

When the fellowship formed, all I could think about was that I didn't have to be that good boy I had to be #letitgo

— Legolas Thranduilion (@actual_legolas)

16. And now there are amazing covers of the song we have to listen to 24 hours a day (or we get itchy from withdrawal).


My alarm clock is a 3 year old belting out #LetItGo in the next room

— Kristina Barry (@Kristina_Barry)

18. LET US GO.

Disney / Via youtube.com / Keely Flaherty

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