We Need To Talk About Lex Luthor In "Batman V Superman"

    He loves bringing people together, guys.

    There's a lot going on in the new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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    We get more angry, but also sexually charged, looks from Bruce Wayne and Superman (but now he's incognito as hot, bespectacled Clark Kent).

    We get our first glimpse of (probably) Doomsday destroying stuff.

    And a too-brief glimpse of WONDER WOMAN.


    But what we really need to talk about is our first substantial look at Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). He loves bringing people together.


    He appreciates a nice firm handshake.

    He's basically a human dictionary.

    He's got great villainous, beckoning hands.

    And a really solid angry, villainous face.

    But most importantly, he has great, long, villainous hair which lends him a kinda laid-back vibe. It's hair that says, "I will destroy you, but for emotionally complex reasons."

    It's hair that says, "The world is cruel enough, why bring scissors into the equation?"

    It's hair that says, "I'm hot but also approachable, like the hottest guy in your high school Biology class."

    It's hair that says, "Behind all this villainy, I just want to be loved."

    It's hair that says, "I rocked it in American Ultra, and I will rock it again, goddammit."

    BUT all the way back in May, we got our first look at Eisenberg as Luthor in Entertainment Weekly, and the hair was nowhere to be seen. So, tragically, the hair probably won't be saying much for long.

    Let's enjoy it while we can, guys. Let's enjoy it while we can.