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We Need To Talk About Dark Swan On "Once Upon A Time"

Those eyebrows.

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Her dagger looks darker than Rumple's, maybe because she's more evil? Maybe because she kills more people? MAYBE IT'S JUST THE LIGHTING?

Homegirl is a RULE BREAKER because she is standing on the counter of Granny's Diner, and nobody messes with Granny.


Actually give her NO slack because when she crushes hearts, the dust TURNS TO DIAMONDS. YES, DIAMONDS.


Or some other similar-looking precious gem. Or perhaps it's just sparkly dust. The point is, Dark Swan is crushing hearts and that's insane.

She seems to be a fan of the up-do, every glimpse we've had of her so far has been of her rocking the up-do. It is, possibly, because she's too busy crushing hearts to get a blow-out.


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