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21 Struggles Only Receptionists Understand


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1. That seemingly effortless "Hello, how are you today?" greeting actually takes a whole lot of effort.

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2. A "lunch break" is you sitting at your desk, inhaling the leftovers you brought from home...

3. ...and fending off everyone who walks up to your desk saying, "I know you're eating your lunch, but..."

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4. On weekends, you accidentally answer personal calls the same way you answer all office calls.

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5. And even when you're out of the office, you occasionally hear the phantom ringing of a phone.

6. You sometimes wake up in a cold sweat, terrified that you accidentally hit "reply all" in an email and didn't realize it.


7. It takes all your Earthly strength not to scream, "TRY GOOGLEMAPS!!" when people call asking for detailed directions.

Nickelodeon / Via

8. Nothing's worse than having your boss unexpectedly ask you to come into their office.

Slough Pond / Via

"I'm so fired," you say to yourself, and then they just want you to grab them some more Post-it notes.

9. No matter what angry callers may think, you do have to put people on hold for very legitimate reasons.

10. You have to be extremely organized, because everyone in the office expects you to know where everything is at all times.

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11. People feel oddly comfortable with calling you inappropriate pet names.


And you have a standard facial expression/response for whenever it happens.

12. You've devised clever ways to keep the candy dish just out of reach, otherwise you'll stress eat the whole thing.

13. You always make sure you're on excellent terms with the IT guys.

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When the copier inevitably breaks again and people expect you to be able to magically fix it, they'll have your back.

14. There's a special place in your heart for people who don't miss a single signature on their forms.

15. And a not-so-special place for people who refuse to fill out sections of their forms.

Misher Films / Via

Sir, we need your home address. We won't come for you in the night, promise.

16. It's an unspoken law of the universe that the phone will only ever ring the second you put food in your mouth.

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17. Every day, someone will call at 5:29 p.m. and ask you something that requires a 10-minute explanation.

18. Administrative Professionals' Day is the biggest disappointment ever. Every. Year.

Dick Clark Productions / Via

Oh, a fern, wow thanks so much.

19. You're the master of keeping cool and professional when someone is being a total jerk.

20. And you're deeply appreciative of the few people who acknowledge how hard your job really is.

21. Because even if no one else realizes it, you're the unsung hero of the office.

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