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29 Times The “Once Upon A Time” Cast Redefined Squad Goals

Once upon a time, there were some buddies.

1. When three realms were all represented in one awesome selfie.

Day 53: like @LanaParrilla said, 4 heads are better than 1... #101Smiles #UglyDucklings

2. When mustaches happened.

Day 77: remembering that this happened ... #101SMILES #UglyDuckings

And Graham was still around. :(

3. The glorious moment when the next Charlie's Angels remake was born.

Did anyone spot me @joshdallas & @colinodonoghue1 becoming the new Charlie's angels ?

4. When Snow considered returning to her life as a bandit, and taking Charming with her.

You must always be prepared for a cold day of filming. #OnceUponATime #StacheAttack @ginnygoodwin

5. When Swan Queen shippers everywhere screamed.

Birds of a sweater flock together... #twinsies #swanqueen @LanaParrilla

6. And then screamed some more.

@LanaParrilla DUDE! Thank you for the sushi! I was starving!! Hope all is well on the other unit! Happy Friday! Xx

7. That time Grumpy and Hook knocked back a few too many.

Going Zombie @colinodonoghue1 @leonardpart13 #drunkenphotobooth

8. When Neverland suddenly got a lot less scary and a whole lot cuter.

9. Seriously, such a cute place now.

10. When Graham was gone but not forgotten.

Day 101.40 : graham appreciation #101Smiles

11. When this adorable Arendelle outing took place.

Some frozen fun with my sis at the ice hockey. We should be playing this in Arendelle whenever Elsa gets upset.

12. The moment Operation Cobra was briefly revived.

Day 58: hanging with dear sweet Henry @Jared_Gilmore on set!! #101Smiles #UglyDucklings

13. The time Snow and Charming shared a tent.

14. When we got the IRL ending for Regina we were hoping for.

A family affair in Storybrooke! 👪#OnceAUponATime #EvilRegals @sean_m_maguire & Cutie Raphael Alejandro #OutlawQueen

15. When Emma had her own on-set fan club.

“@MRaymondJames: #OUAT set love. Photo by Master @leearenberg #Boom ”

16. The moment when Captain Swan shippers' hearts skipped a beat.


Go WHITECAPS! @WhitecapsFC @jenmorrisonlive


I forgot to post this, @colinodonoghue1 @jenmorrisonlive and lil Roland having fun behind the scenes #ouat

19. When Emma and Mulan finally escaped the Enchanted Forest and got some downtime.

20. When the Queens of Darkness paused their sinister planning to take a group pic.

21. The adorable moment when Marian and Regina shrugged off Robin.

Love this pic! So cute! “@sean_m_maguire: But no peeking till then #asksean tomorrow 9am PST #onceuponatime ”

22. The time Anna and Kristoff tried some native cuisine.

No twinkles in Aus so I had never tried one. Gluten free @scottmfoster had to pretend to eat it, what an actor!

23. And Charming and Regina did the same.

#BurgerQueen & #MacAttack @joshdallas

24. When Robin hung out with the baddies for a day.

👍💋 to you all! “@sean_m_maguire: @bexmader @RobbieKay_ 3 Brits cheering on our losing lions. Come on England! ”

25. But then he found Neal and remembered he's a hero.

My brother @MRaymondjames from another mother.

26. When Belle revealed Zelena's softer side.

27. And Isaac brought out the darkness in Charming.

.@joshdallas is mad at me cause I said he looks like a member of Depeche Mode #OuatSeasonFinale #OnceUponATime

28. The moment the world's most Charming family portrait was taken.

“@AdamHorowitzLA: The Charmings at the #OnceUponATime season 3 premiere. #savehenry ”

29. And when they reminded us why we still love Once Upon a Time.