This Is What Happens When You Invite The Obamas To Your Wedding

Spoiler: They actually respond.

1. The Obamas seem to have the whole marriage scene pretty much figured out.

3. And even though they’re both public figures now, it seems like their relationship is still pretty down-to-earth.

Scott Olson / Getty

4. Plus, they’re obviously a blast at parties.

Tim Boyle / Getty

5. It just makes sense that they’d be the perfect people to have at your wedding.

6. So go ahead and send them an invitation…


7. …because they’ll write you back!

8. You and your spouse will have a beautiful memento that will always remind you of this special time in your lives.

9. And technically the Obamas’ response doesn’t definitively say they won’t be able to attend, so…

10. …you never know.

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