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    Apr 1, 2014

    This Globe Made Of Matchsticks Will Amaze You

    Its coolness is unmatched.

    This matchstick model of the globe, made by artist Andy Yoder, weighs 200 pounds and took 2 years to complete.

    Andy Yoder / Via

    Here, the globe is pictured in Yoder's studio in his backyard.

    Yoder told BuzzFeed in a phone call that the project required 300,000 hand-painted matches.

    Andy Yoder /
    Andy Yoder /

    He said he took five matches at a time, dipped them in paint, and laid them on a strip of wood to dry. He got so good at it that he could get through a box of 300 matches in 15 minutes.

    To complete the earth's core, he used plywood, cardboard fins, and expanding foam. Then, he covered the sphere in rice paper and marked out where each colored match would go.

    Andy Yoder / Via

    Yoder said by that point it was pretty much a "slightly more complicated paint by numbers project."

    Yoder said the inspiration behind the piece is the global warming crisis.

    "The fact that it is made out of matches — it’s very fraught, there’s potential for fire, for destruction."

    He included an image of Hurricane Sandy approaching the East Coast, which was happening around the same time he began the project.

    Andy Yoder /

    Yoder said he also decided to include Hurricane Sandy because he was going through a divorce at the time, and the storm served as a metaphor for the "shifting dynamics within [his] family."

    Yoder said that he likes his art to have a conceptual core, but also "a bit of eye candy, that kind of pop you feel when you hop in the shower each morning and fully wake up."

    Andy Yoder /
    Andy Yoder /

    And "pop" it does.

    Andy Yoder /

    You can catch the globe on display at the Pulse New York Contemporary Art Fair this May.

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