21 Struggles All Realists Inevitably Face

The struggle is realist.

1. People often mistake you for a pessimist, which just isn’t true.


You don’t expect the worst, you expect what’s most likely.

2. Your friends are always telling you to “be more positive.”

This isn’t about positivity or negativity, this is about REALITY.

3. You’re always the “responsible one” in your friend group, and it falls on you to talk everyone out of doing crazy stuff.

Hmm, jumping out of a plane. Let’s just step back and look at this objectively, k?

4. You rarely let your emotions get the best of you.


Why are we yelling? There’s no need to yell.

5. Which means your loved ones hate arguing with you, because your logic is always iron-clad.

Alright, let’s take a breather. No need to overreact here.

6. But you’re also the first person your loved ones come to when they need sound advice.

The Second City Network / Via plumkat.tumblr.com

Look, I’m not calling you crazy, but you’re acting crazy.

7. When it comes to real talk, you don’t mince words.

No one is better at being able to diplomatically tell someone to get their shit together.

8. Which means you’re not always the best when it comes to sugarcoating things.


Come on, chances are if he hasn’t texted you back yet, he’s a douche. Sorry (kind of).

9. Everyone feels comfortable talking to you about their personal problems, because you’re very non-judgmental.


Shit happens. We’re all just messy humans, baby.

10. You’ve been described as “mature” for most of your life, because you’re often seen as even-keeled.

Act 111 Communications / Via paintedprintedpaper.tumblr.com

You just know that things are bound to go wrong sometimes. That’s life.

11. And like so many even-keeled people, only a select few really get your dry humor.

“You’ll never be as young as you are right this second. Get it?”

12. You’re direct and honest, sometimes to a fault.


That was harsh? I didn’t…how was that harsh?

13. People often unfairly assume you aren’t imaginative.

It’s not about belief. We would have SEEN the Loch Ness Monster by now. It’s just TOO BIG.

14. You’ve been accused of having a dark view of the world.

It’s not dark, it just…is.

15. You know the balance between dreaming big and keeping your expectations grounded in reality.

Destination Films / Via issietheshark.tumblr.com

You give it your all, but you don’t lose perspective.

16. You have very realistic expectations of your relationships, which some people can see as cold or defeatist.

Informant Media / Via mycolddayinthesun.tumblr.com

No one’s perfect. Literally no one.

17. Which isn’t true at all, you love people completely, just in your own grounded way.


You’re so cute you make my zygomaticus muscles contract.

18. You have zero tolerance for drama.

20th Century Fox / Via papa-doyouthink-imodd.tumblr.com

Seriously. There’s just no need. We’re all trying our best here, people.

19. It takes a lot to surprise you.

“Ahh, yes, one of the many outcomes I had already considered.”

20. And it takes even more to fool you.


Fool me once, well done you, because that’s no small feat.

21. You know how to roll with life’s punches better than most.

You know that life isn’t all good or all bad, it ebbs and flows.

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