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The Little Sister From "Growing Pains" Is A Total Badass Now

Yes, Chrissy Seaver is a badass.

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Surely you remember Growing Pains, everyone's favorite TV show from the '80s and early '90s.


And surely you remember darling little Chrissy, the youngest of the Seaver clan, who joined the series in 1990 for the final two seasons.


She was played by Ashley Johnson, and she was just so cute with her curly hair and her dimples. Oh, Ashley.

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Ashley's done a lot since then. Maybe you remember her as Mel Gibson's daughter in What Women Want.


Or maybe you remember her as the voice of Gretchen in Recess.

She's done quite a bit of voiceover work.

Or as the waitress Captain America saved in The Avengers.

Seriously, is she coming back? We want her to come back.

Seriously, is she coming back? We want her to come back.

But what you should remember her as is a total badass.

Yes, Ashley Johnson is officially the coolest.

Here she is Dubsmashing Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and CASUALLY TWIRLING A KNIFE.

She dressed up to see Mad Max: Fury Road.

She dressed up for the Renaissance Faire, which is just, like, next-level awesome.


She rocks the nerdiest attire.

This girl, her pun game is almost as strong as her floppy-hat game.

And she is a total fangirl. Look at her geeking out over getting her own Avengers trading card.

Here she is doing as we all do and swooning over Captain America.

And the badass gene runs strong in her family. Look at her nephew, all adorable and dressed up like Cap.

She, like all badass people, has a great appreciation for Fresh Prince-era Will Smith.

And digs a solid night out with her Dungeons & Dragons crew.

And having an evening of Game of Thrones dress-up with her gal pals.

It also helps that she's a total babe.

And can do a killer Al Pacino impression.

Ashley Johnson: child star, current star, dream BFF.

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