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    The Cast Of "Pan" Plays A Game Of "Fly Or Fail"

    Garrett Hedlund is 1D af.

    We sat down with the cast of Pan to play a game of "Fly or Fail," and their answers didn't disappoint.

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    Levi, Rooney, and Garrett were all firmly pro-pizza.

    But Hugh revealed he has a more complex relationship with everyone's favorite food.

    Hugh was all about Chipotle, but Garrett not so much.

    And someone needs to get Levi to a Chipotle ASAP, because he doesn't know what it is.

    Hugh and Garrett are both firmly anti-PSL.

    And so is Rooney. But sweet Levi has never had a PSL, which makes sense because he's too young for coffee.

    Rooney, Hugh and Levi were all like, "I have no idea."

    But Garrett is 1D af.

    Hugh loves a good hotdog when he goes to a baseball game, but Levi and Rooney (who's a vegan) were very much not hotdog fans.

    And Garrett is now the spirit animal of every drunk person ever.

    Levi and Rooney are all about napping, but Garrett is...quite bad at it, somehow.

    And meet Hugh Jackman, the world's most adorable nap enthusiast.

    Levi, Hugh, and Rooney all agreed that crocs are most acceptable on teeny people.

    But in Garrett's world, crocs are a fail regardless of a person's size

    Rooney and Levi were split, Garrett was all for it...

    And Hugh's feelings were as complex as those he has about pizza.

    Everyone was pro-public transportation.

    But especially Hugh, who never gets recognized because people assume he wouldn't take public transportation.

    Rooney, Levi and (obviously) Hugh were all on the same page.

    But only Garrett truly understood the stakes.

    Pan opens in theaters this Friday, October 9.