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The 21 Most Joyous Sights To A Neat Freak

Hey, neato! Inspired by Reddit.

1. The Parting Dish of Pristine Proportions

2. The Scale by Which All Other Scales Are Judged

3. The Garnish of Spacial Wonder

4. The Swiffer of Serendipity

5. The Ideal Eggshell

6. The Cheese of Geometric Excellence

7. The Staple of Unparalleled Placement

8. The Gas Pump of Purity

9. The Condiments of Just and Flawless Organization

10. The Q-tips of Equal Spacing

11. The Spiral of Cleanliness

12. The Binders of Unity

13. The Perfectly Folded Fitted Sheet

14. The Mythical Orange of Excellence

15. The Gumballs of Fate

16. The Vegetation of Goodly Order

17. The Shelf of Immaculate Folding

18. The Perfectly Proportioned Pantry

19. The Deliciously Symmetrical Breakfast

20. The Vacuum of Faultless Shape

21. The Perfectly Peeled Reese's Cup