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    25 "Wonder Woman" Posts That Will Make You Cry All Over Again

    Steve Trevor 4ever. WARNING: Tears and spoilers ahead.

    If you've seen Wonder Woman, you know there are roughly 1 million reasons to love it.

    Warner Bros.

    Antiope's beautifully scarred shoulders, the way Diana reacts to ice cream...honestly, how much time do you have?

    And one of those roughly 1 million reasons is having your view of "true love" redefined by these two people:

    Clay Enos / Warner Bros.

    As of 2017, Princess Diana of Themyscira and Spy Extraordinaire Steve Trevor are the new definition of relationship goals.

    Warner Bros.

    1. Which is why it broke hearts everywhere when the movie ended with Steve Trevor pulling a Steve Rogers and sacrificing himself for the greater good by way of a goddamn airplane.

    2. Steve Trevor was the perfect boyfriend.

    3. He was pretty much The Only Good Dude.

    me: there are no good men steve trevor: me: there is one good man

    4. Just the way he looked at Diana.

    5. Come on, people.

    6. He was so supportive.

    7. Steve Trevor appreciated Diana for the warrior she is.

    8. He was never threatened by her power — he embraced his role in her life.

    9. But he still appreciated her soft side, her ice-cream-loving side.

    10. He supported her physically, emotionally, vocally, etc.

    60% of steve trevor's dialogue in WW is just him yelling "DIANAAAAAAA" and i strongly support and agree with it

    11. Steve and Diana were so supportive of each other.

    12. Honestly, it's nearly impossible to decide who's luckier.

    13. They learned from each other.

    14. And they shared values — they always put their moral obligations first.

    15. Even when it meant RIPPING OUT THEIR OWN HEARTS.


    17. Just take a moment and imagine what a 2017 Steve Trevor, World's Best Boyfriend, would look like.

    diana prince: *discovers something new about the world* steve trevor:

    18. Think of how voluminous his beautiful hair would be in modern times, with the added bounce of product.

    19. Ugh, there is only one solution: BRING STEVE TREVOR BACK.

    me thinking of obscure theories and plots by which steve trevor can be brought back

    20. Patty Jenkins — mom — will you please direct the sequel and give the people what they want?

    21. Give us the ending we deserve.

    22. No, give us the ending STEVE TREVOR DESERVES.

    the different between steve trevor and steve rogers, is that steve trevor actually got to dance with the woman he loved nope im not crying

    23. This heartache cannot continue.


    25. STEEEEVE.

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