19 Behind-The-Scenes Pics Of "Set It Up" That'll Make You Cry Some More

    My heart, my soul, my pizza.

    If you're a human with a beating heart, I highly suggest you watch Set It Up on Netflix.

    1. If you've seen it, please gorge yourself on the pics of the cast being absolutely adorable together:

    2. What am I even supposed to do with myself:

    3. CREEPY TIM:

    4. Self-care queens:

    5. Selfie queens:

    6. Audio device queens:

    7. Sweet, sweet Becca:

    8. Aww, maybe Rick isn't so bad after all:

    9. Headin' out for some free chips:

    10. Duncan eating a sandwich:

    11. These two:

    12. I meannn:

    13. Come ON:

    14. Not enough "joyful crying" emojis in the universe:

    15. And just in case you're not already grinning, Glen Powell's grandma got a cameo in the movie:

    Look, here she is:

    16. And she loved it!

    17. She was so happy she started singing "It's De-Lovely" by Cole Porter, making her my once and future queen:

    18. And she came to a screening of the movie:

    19. My heart:

    Love this movie, love this cast, the end.