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    21 Reasons Rebel Wilson Is A Fantastic Role Model

    We should all be a little more REBELLIOUS.

    1. She gave us Fat Amy, who quickly became everyone's spirit animal.

    2. She doesn't allow herself to be boxed in by Hollywood's standards.

    3. And surrounds herself with other strong women who do the same.

    4. She's the best kind of quirky.

    5. She understands the deceit that is "exercise."

    6. And the facade that is "culture."

    7. She knows what makes a good friend, and it isn't what's on the outside.

    8. Birthdays. She does them right.

    Thanks for all the birthday love!! All I'm doing this year is sleeping in...

    9. Her accessorizing game is strong.

    10. Some might say it's too strong.

    11. She understands that the food threat is the most chilling threat of them all.

    12. Like many, she understands that adulthood is the worst.

    13. She is both a funny and sensuous woman.

    14. She's clearly the master of making her co-workers laugh.

    15. She's a spiritual human being.

    Opened my fridge, dropped the rest of last night's pizza on the the universe conspiring to stop me from eating it?

    16. She *gets* that the dating struggle is real.

    17. No one can rock a koala sweater harder than Rebel Wilson.

    18. She's a goofball who's never afraid to laugh at herself.

    19. But she also knows how to class it up.

    20. She wants to inspire girls who feel different.

    21. Whenever she embraces her weirdness, it makes us all feel better about embracing our own inner weirdness.

    Which is pretty much what being a role model is all about.