24 Reasons Ann Perkins Needs To Return For The Final Season Of "Parks And Recreation"

    Come back to us, you beautiful, naive, sophisticated newborn baby.

    1. No one appreciates and loves Leslie's quirks quite like Ann.

    2. And she's the refreshingly devoted kind of friend everyone wants around.

    3. No one's better at giving real talk.

    4. Ann's both a rule-breaking moth and a noble land mermaid, among other things.

    5. She really gets fitness.

    6. And the struggle of dating as an adult.

    7. She's the most beautiful nurse in the world.

    8. But she still gets intimidated, and isn't afraid to openly discuss her insecurities.

    9. And she reminds us that even the extremely beautiful can suffer from extreme awkwardness.

    10. Seriously, no one does awkward better than Ann.

    11. Or toilet humor.

    12. She taught us all how to weather a brutal breakup.

    13. And even though she and Chris ended up together, she didn't wait around pining for him.

    14. She's the master of calling out Tom's ridiculousness.

    15. She makes us all feel better about not being up on the coolest trends.

    16. Food. She understands its importance.

    17. She's a lady who knows what she wants, and gets it.

    18. She was instrumental in getting Ben and Leslie together, and everyone needs that kind of friend around.

    19. We all need her to come back and heal the gaping hole left in our hearts when she said goodbye to Leslie.

    20. And that hole only widened when she said goodbye to Ron.

    21. And it TRIPLED in size when she said goodbye to April, OH GAAAAWD.

    22. Leslie summed it up best.

    23. Most importantly, even though Ben is great and we all love him, Ann and Leslie have an even better love story.

    24. And we all know that nothing good ever happens when Ann's away.