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    27 "Gilmore Girl" Gifts Your Mom Will Actually Like

    Or for yourself, tbh. We won't tell.

    1. If your mom's your guidepost for everything:

    Get it here for $4.96.

    2. If you and your mom are quirky backpack ladies with a case of wanderlust:

    Get it here for $30.

    3. If your mom is attracted to pie (but doesn't feel the need to date it):

    Get it here for $16.

    4. If you and your mom both enjoy a good cup of coffee with a shot of cynicism:

    Get the set here for $36.

    5. Or if your mom prefers a martini instead:

    Get it here for $18.

    6. And if she knows how to make an excellent drunken exit:

    Get it here for $25.

    7. If your mom filled your house with love and fun and books and music, unflagging in her efforts to give you role models from Jane Austen to Eudora Welty to Patti Smith:

    Get a set of three here for $64.

    8. If your mom has a thing for fear-biters:

    Get it here for $16.

    9. If your mom would secretly like to be Mrs. Backwards Baseball Cap:

    Get them here for $9.

    10. If you and your mom both share the same values:

    Get it here for $25.

    11. If your mom taught you everything she knows:

    Get them here for $6.

    12. If your mom's been waiting all summer to quote Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood with you:

    Get it here for $35.

    13. If your mom totally disagrees with Luke's "no cell phones" rule:

    Get it here for $13.52.

    14. If your mom totally agrees with Luke's "no cell phones" rule:

    Get it here for $2.34.

    15. If your mom knows special moments must be commemorated with an oil painting or a severed head or something:

    Get it here for $15.

    16. If your mom wants something jazzier than "Babette Ate Oatmeal":

    Get it here for $24.

    17. If your mom's a bit sweary:

    Get it here for $15.

    18. If your mom enjoys a good drink before Friday night dinner:

    Get them here for $8.

    19. If people don’t realize it takes years of training to be able to eat the way you and your mom do:

    Get it here for $12.

    20. If your mom knows there's no better distraction than a dog in a turban telling fortunes:

    Get it here for $14.

    21. If your mom's Team Logan when it comes to Rory:

    Get it here for $25.

    22. And if she's Team Max when it comes to Lorelai:

    Get it here for $28.

    23. If your mom is unafraid to have two glasses of wine at lunch:

    Get it here for $20.

    24. If you and your mom both agree it isn't a TV show, it's a lifestyle:

    Get the pair here for $50.

    25. If your mom only likes her coffee with her oxygen:

    Get it here for $20.

    26. If your mom's into bold shades of lipstick:

    Get it here for $15.

    27. If your mom's given you everything you need:

    Get it here for $4.91.

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