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Paul Rudd Forcing Someone To Eat A Slim Jim Is All You Need To See Today

Paul Rudd makes everything good.

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In Paul Rudd's new Netflix movie, The Fundamentals of Caring, he plays Ben, a new caregiver to Trevor (Craig Roberts), an 18-year-old with muscular dystrophy.


To escape his daily routine, Trevor convinces his mom to let Ben take him on a road trip to see some of the lamest roadside attractions within a reasonable distance.


The two dudes see some weird stuff and make some new friends.


But most importantly, Ben introduces Trevor to Slim Jims. And Paul Rudd, in true Paul Rudd form, absolutely destroys it. Get an exclusive glimpse of the scene below.

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"[That scene] was almost all improvised," screenwriter and director Rob Burnett told BuzzFeed. "It’s Paul Rudd at his best."


"Originally in the script, it was just described that [Ben] would eat a Slim Jim orgasmically while Trevor looks on, getting more and more agitated. But all the great dialogue there is the genius of Paul Rudd."


"I think of [Slim Jims] as a road trip food. You see them on the road, they beckon you. I will say, with pride, that we earned not a penny from the Slim Jim people."


The Fundamentals of Caring premieres June 24.

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