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    25 Times The "Once Upon A Time" Fandom Won Tumblr


    1. When they revealed the Magic Mirror's true identity.

    2. And snow indulged in some girl time before she sentenced Cora to death.

    3. When the line between Tumblr and reality blurred.

    4. When Swan Queen shippers fawned over this wardrobe parallel.

    5. And this dashboard of fate.

    6. And then shared a moment of solidarity with their non-canon brethren.

    7. Any time Bae got mad.

    8. When the Charming family drama reached new heights.

    9. Until this happened.

    10. When Regina should have followed T-Swift's instructions.

    11. And Emma and Elsa quested for the most precious treasure of all.

    12. When this very accurate parallel was drawn.

    13. And this one.

    14. And especially this one.

    15. When the puns got too cool.

    16. When they showed this level of commitment to the show.

    17. And noticed the cross-fandom tale that needs to be told.

    18. When this pop mashup was born.

    19. And this one, too.

    20. When the Dark One's sass was too great to be contained.

    21. And Captain Swan's spark was literally too hot.

    22. That time they noticed yet another instance of Blue being shady.

    23. When they accurately summarized the addiction all Oncers feel.

    24. When Neal left.


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