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    Posted on Aug 6, 2014

    21 Embarrassing Things Every Muggle Secretly Does

    The Muggle struggle is real.

    1. Started writing a diary just to see if it would write back.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    And when it didn't, you were both disappointed and relieved.

    2. Quietly muttered “Lumos” when you turn on a light.


    And "Nox" when you turn it off.

    3. Still silently swoon whenever someone says “always” in any context.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    "I always trim my toenails once a week—"

    "MARRY ME."

    4. Said “Accio” to try and summon something you've misplaced.


    Accio the damn remote control.

    5. Seen a rat and tried to count the number of toes it had.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    Curiously long life for a common garden rat...

    6. Lingered around the snake display case at the zoo, listening very hard.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    "Enemies of the heir beware," you whisper to the indifferent snakes.

    7. Longed to be flushed down a toilet.


    Has anyone ever actually tried it? Because it's 100% possible.

    8. Immediately and silently sorted someone you just met into the appropriate Hogwarts House.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    "He's such a Ravenclaw."

    9. Discreetly pressed a hand against the walls in every train station you visit, just in case.

    10. Still felt the tiniest twinge of hope when you check your mail.

    Warner Brothers / Via


    11. And still felt the inevitable disappointment when the heaviest envelope is just your utilities bill.



    12. Been very cautious around any and all willow trees.

    13. Felt genuinely afraid of muttering any of the Unforgivable Curses, even as a joke.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    Avada Kedanyway...

    14. Looked at a sock and teared up.

    Warner Brothers / Via


    15. Been immediately suspicious of people who wear a lot of pink.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    No Fudgin' way.

    16. Secretly decided what your Horcruxes would be.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    Not that you'd ever kill anyone but come on, constant vigilance, right?

    17. Done something embarrassing and whispered "Obliviate," full of hope.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    What a wonderful world that would be.

    18. Looked at your empty tea cup a little too closely.

    Gioia De Antoniis / Flickr: jox1989 / Creative Commons


    19. Convinced yourself on more than one occasion that you were going to die soon because you kept seeing the Grim.

    Keely Flaherty / BuzzFeed

    And seriously, that breakfast croissant...

    20. Said the words "Expecto Patronum" when you were alone and afraid.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    This isn't at all embarrassing, because it actually helps.

    21. Gotten a headache and seriously wondered if all is indeed well...

    Warner Brothers / Via

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