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Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer Just Announced Their Pregnancy On Twitter

That's going to be one talented baby.

Amanda Palmer and her husband, Neil Gaiman, took to Twitter to announce that Palmer is 13 weeks pregnant.

guess what? I'm pregnant. due September. super special thanks to @neilhimself.

I just took a photograph of beautiful, three months pregnant @amandapalmer:

Amanda also posted a photograph of her baby bump on Instagram.

The creative duo are no strangers to making big announcements on Twitter.

Back in 2011, they surprised their followers by tweeting they'd gotten married the night before.

hey guess what we did last night (and this time it's legal)

I am the happiest and luckiest man in the world. Thank you to @ayeletw and her family for giving us their parlour, their hospitality & love.

Congratulations to the happy couple!