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21 Childhood Hairstyles We're All Trying To Forget We Had

PTSD = Perm Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

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1. That perm.

Heidi Anne / Via Facebook: heidi.hixson.1

2. That electrified mullet.

Logan Van Wy

3. That asymmetrical mullet.

4. Those Twins mullets.

Austin Hunt

5. That unapologetic mullet.

6. That rattail, tastefully braided.

Caleb Lee

7. Those Minnie Mouse ears.

8. That triangular bob.

Ashley Perez / Via Buzzfeed

9. Those home-trimmed bangs.

Sami Main / Via Buzzfeed

11. That Tina Turner orb.

12. Those...cornrows.

Marlena Noelle Holman / Via Facebook: marlena.holman

14. That brunette helmet.

Justin Abarca / Via Buzzfeed

15. That Darth Vader helmet.

Kimberly Wang / Via Buzzfeed

16. Those blunt bangs.

Keely Flaherty / Via Buzzfeed

18. Those rectangular bangs.

19. That median.

Stephen Auchmuty

20. Those mushroom cuts.

Whitney Jefferson / Via Buzzfeed

21. Everything that's going on here.

Dylan Burley

Think you can top these? Add your awkward childhood photo below!

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