Miley Cyrus Can't Stop, Won't Stop Talking On "The Voice"

    Can't stop, won't stop (talking).

    Miley Cyrus is many things. She's a singer, actress, activist, charming human, animal lover, and brand new coach on The Voice.

    And it looks like she has a strategy down for crushing the other coaches this season: Talk a lot. Get an exclusive sneak peek below.

    Basically, Miley is just all about chatting up the contestants in her signature Miley way...

    ...which is not always, ya know, brief.

    But it seems to be working! Lots of contestants are choosing Miley as their coach, by the looks of it.

    Blake and Adam aren't taking it well. They're pretending to be annoyed by Miley talking so much...

    ...but Queen Alicia Keys gets it. She clearly appreciates a good strategy.

    So speak on, Miley. Pay no attention to the haters.

    This season is yours.